• Miracle B.

    Early Learning - Great way to start right

    Love for music underlies what we do musically. Studies have shown that early language development in children can be boosted through keyboard lessons. Learning...

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  • Napoleon I.

    Trumpet Lesson – A world of music today

    The benefits of playingan instrument are very great, life-long excellent benefits if you have the right footing as well as the right instruction. Trumpet learning...

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  • Kayode B.

    Advance Piano –Open creativity urges

    Music has been shown to have the ability to reduce heart and respiratory rate in players, helps in regulating composition. Learning to play piano is learning...

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  • Mr. Chidi I.

    Beginner Drum Lessons - Welcome to the world of Percussions

    Drum play as an art is fantastic in physical stimulation of brain while the sound resonate through every cell in the body. Great advantage of learning to play...

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  • Wale Gold

    Guitar Teacher – Expand your Creativity

    Every one likes to express his creativity in one form or the other, playing guitar is a very dynamic way to do so. Guitar players build their self-confident...

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  • Salome H.

    Violin Lessons – Developing a great passion for life.

    Violin playing is an enjoyable act, just knowing how to play any musical instrument with confidence gives a sense of fulfilment. It is very important then that...

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Denet School of Music, we make your music learning a fun. Buy your instrument from us and enjoy our discount sales!

To help students achieve excellence in music that can be transferred to other areas in life.

We aim to offer a pleasant, attractive surrounding in which they can grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, and develop a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience and purpose in life.

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