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  • Start your Music Lessons with confidence
  • Learn How to read music through our simple and effective guide to understanding and reading music in an easy way
  • Prepare for your music certification exams through our step by step guides to examination: the guide you need to be Top of the class
  • Create your future by taking our classes to make a career in music profession and become an expert
  • We have fully supported music programs and team of proficient and energetic instructors that will walk the journey with you to the top of the ladder


Our classes are arranged on demand.

We offer individual lessons as well as group lessons.

Our performances group are organized quarterly.


We offer lessons for various class of musical instrument

Our most popular classes:

  • Guitar lesson
  • Saxophone Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Singing Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Clarinet Lessons
  • Other Instruments on demand

call us now on 08054898870 or 08054897893 to book your lesson. Discount comes with block-booking.



Our teaching materials meet the internationally recommended materials for music

We have Seasoned instructors for your one-on-one lessons

Unbeatable teams for your group music classes.

Music teachers for your music club

Vibrant Orchestral Leaders

We always organize a quarterly concert, a great opportunity for our students past and present to demonstrate their skills. Watch our videos online of our past performances and see our student demonstrating their skills.

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Denet School of Music, we make your music learning a fun. Buy your instrument from us and enjoy our discount sales!

To help students achieve excellence in music that can be transferred to other areas in life.

We aim to offer a pleasant, attractive surrounding in which they can grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, and develop a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience and purpose in life.

Call us now (08054898870, 08054897893) to book your lesson. Discount comes with block-booking.

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