Amazing Summer Concert

Amazing Summer Concert

This year summer class was exceptionally successful, all Participants have great funs why learning. The amazing thing is that those who could not play anything before found their interest in instrument of their choices as they discover they have talent to play. This was an eye-opening event that anyone can learn how to play something.

To conclude the summer program, we organized a classical music concert performed by our in-house orchestral to provide our students with the opportunity to showcase their talent.  Our students demonstrated their ability to do well in music, we have piano solos, duets and group pianist as well as in other instruments like percussions, guitar, violin and saxophone. All participated in the group presentations. Kudos to all our amiable teachers who worked tirelessly to impact something in every child that participated.

Our concerts are usually organized to give encourage all our students both past and present to demonstrate what they learn as a way of encouraging them to develop their self-confidence.

Watch for our next concert day toward December, you are welcome to attend

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